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What is Home Care Assistance

What is home care assistance

Home Care Assistance – What Every Caregiver Needs to know.

Home care assistance is just that, assistance with care in your home.Most home care assistants don’t provide any type of nursing, but depending on your loved one’s condition, a nurse may be what you need.Home care assistants are there to help with bathing, cooking, feeding, dressing, and some will even run errands and provide transportation.This can ease the mind of a working family member who has to work and cannot be home 24/7 to assist in their care.There are many different types of home care assistance out there, and it depends on each circumstance as to which type is best for your situation.If you need help in deciding which is the best assistance for you, schedule a FREE Consultation with one of our Compassionate Senior Advisors Today!👉 Personal care aide or senior companion.

These types of companions can usually be found on,, or Angie’s list, this way you can see reviews and recommendations.

This is probably the safest way to find someone to stay with your loved one unless you know of someone personally who recommends a companion.

They can provide light housekeeping, transportation, meal preparation, and companionship.

👉 A home health aide is needed should you require a little more assistance.

They can monitor their condition, check vital signs, and assist with bathing, and dressing. They also have to have a certain number of hours of federal training that must be met and they must be certified.

👉 A licensed nursing assistant or certified nursing assistant.

They can observe and report changes, take vitals, set up medical equipment, change dressings, clean catheters, monitor infections, conduct range-of-motion exercises, help with walking assistance, and administer some treatments.

👉 Licensed practical nurses.

They are licensed by the state and have met federal standards for health and safety. They can evaluate, manage, observe, and provide direct care that others cannot.

Examples are: administering IV drugs, tube feedings and shots, changing dressings, and diabetes care. Some are even trained in providing therapy.

👉 Registered nurse.

They hold a nursing diploma or have an associate’s degree and have passed the National Council Licensure Exam. They provide direct care, administer medications, operate medical monitoring equipment, and assist doctors in procedures.

So, the level of declination of your loved one will tell which kind of home care assistance you will need.

How much is home care assistance?

The cost of home care assistance varies with the level of care needed.Personal aides or companions charge anywhere from $12.00 – $17.00 per hour, they are not normally covered by insurance. Which means it is an out-of-pocket expense.They set their own hourly rate.Home health aides, licensed nursing assistants, and certified nursing assistants charge about the same as home companions and again are usually out-of-pocket expenses.Some of them set their own rates as well unless working for a company.Licensed practical nurses can earn more than the above aides and usually come to you from a doctor’s office.Sometimes they have retired but kept their license active so they can provide a service to you on their terms. This is a great way for retired nurses to make extra income.Registered nurses will come to you from a hospital or doctor’s office and they are usually always covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or your insurance.You would need to check your specific policy to see what benefits are available. Again, sometimes registered nurses retire and keep their license up-to-date so they can assist clients as well.If this is the case, they would NOT be covered by insurance.

How to qualify for home care assistance?

Once again, how you qualify depends on the level of assistance needed. If you live with a family member and they work and just want someone with you during the day, there is no qualification from you needed. Just make sure to do your research before leaving someone in the home with your loved one.For more intensive care, you need to be under the care of a doctor who would write a referral for home health care assistance. You must also be homebound and unable to visit a doctor due to mobility issues.

What local agencies provide home care assistance?

There are many agencies around who provide home care assistance as well as private companions and caregivers.They can be found on such websites as,, and Angie’s list.The websites will allow you to view reviews and references for the caregiver listed. Agencies will be registered with the state and follow certain guidelines, so you should be able to perform a google search on the specific company.You could also give Assisted Living Made Simple a call at 386-847-2322 for a list of local companies and companions you may call to compare prices and services provided. This is a big decision, you don’t have to make it alone!!!