What Do Seniors Need Most?

The number one thing we find our seniors need most is advocates!!Not traditional advocates, they need advocates with HEART!!!!Senior Advocates who do the job because they love it and love the seniors, not just because they are getting paid for it. Money should not drive an advocate.What do Seniors Need Most? Senior Advocates that will fight for themLove and heart should be the driving force. If money drives them, then they won’t fight for the seniors like they need to fight. Someone has to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Advocates fight for children and the homeless.

What about our seniors?

They get forgotten.People have lost heart through the years and most of them are so much more about the money. For five (5) days a week, eight (8) hours a day, they will do what the system allows them to do for our seniors. What happens when something arises on the weekend? Does that senior have your cell phone number? No, they have your office number, but you’re not there.An advocate needs to be readily available because anything can happen at any given moment. And this is usually exactly when something happens when you’re not available.So, you say, “But I don’t get paid to work weekends.” Really? What if it was your mother or father?Wouldn’t you want someone fighting for them no matter what time of day it was? I would!!!The advocates I refer to are the social workers and case managers, but the heart has been lost in their positions.It’s not all their fault.They now have agendas because our health-care system has failed them.The system won’t let them do what is really needed for the people. The policies they have are unfortunately the wrong ones, as most agendas are filled with their own fulfillment. If it’s not my family, I won’t worry about it type of attitude.Not everyone thinks this way, but many have these thought patterns. However, if you are an independent advocate, you don’t have to answer to the “system”. Well, I ask you to do one thing. Put yourself in that person’s shoes and think of them as your family. Your mother and/or father don’t have enough money to go to assisted living, yet you can’t care for them and you don’t want them fading away in a nursing home.Especially these days where COVID has been rampant in the nursing homes due to patients being sent to the hospital and brought back with COVID.

What does one do?

The advocates need to have the resources and the ability to help the seniors receive financial assistance.They need financial help in the way of government subsidies, other than Medicaid. So, if you’re thinking Medicaid will help, let me share this with you.Medicaid is backlogged years! It can take up to five (5) years for a person to receive Medicaid benefits. This is unacceptable when someone needs this money to survive.If you are at the end of your rope and don’t know where to turn or what to do to help, wouldn’t you like to know there are advocates that will help you with no hidden agenda?An advocate that has only you and your loved one(s) best interest at heart?Wouldn’t it be great to have someone say, “I got you!”?Let us help you! We can take the stress out of finding the perfect solution for your unique situation.Here at Assisted Living Made Simple, we will fight for you and your loved ones. Schedule a FREE Consultation with us or pick up the phone and give us a call at 386-847-2322 Today!

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