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Stand Up and Be Heard


I have been working in the Healthcare industry for the past twelve years.  My concern for our seniors is increasing daily.  Our hospitals are forcing people to discharge before they are ready, and that’s if they’re admitted at all.  The way healthcare is paid now is dictated by the insurance companies; they are dictating our care (without a medical degree). So the hospitals get penalized for re-admissions.  They are paid for bundle services as well, (hospital-owned home health company, rehabs, and hospices). It’s called one payer source; all the money goes to one source. 

People don’t know they have choices, they are told what and where to go. 

The social workers/case manager’s job at the hospital is to plan the patients discharge at the time the patient is admitted. The goal is a safe Discharge!! The case manger is pushed to get the patient out, sending them home or to a rehab under the illusion that it’s a safe discharge. The hospital systems will not allow the services or any community resources to help. They hand the family a list, or if the family is not in area they then send out an email request for a place/facility to take the patient.  

That takes them off the hook for the “Safe Discharge.” In the case manager’s defense, they are just doing what they are told, to keep their job. 

I’m writing this to ask people – doctors, professionals, and all human beings to get mad as hell and stand up for our future healthcare.  Write to your congressman, senator, and governor. Our healthcare is being managed by the insurance companies and lobbyists and it must end. 

Please stand up and be heard!!!!!