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Spring Activities for Seniors

Gardening- Spring Activities for Seniors

It’s time to spring into some activities!

With Spring upon us and the beautiful weather we enjoy here in Florida, I thought I’d share some wonderful activities for seniors to enjoy outside and some to enjoy in a community.

Outside Activities 

We’ll start with the outside activities, because if you’re able to get outside you should, the vitamin D will do wonders for your health inside and out! For more information on this subject, read our blog on Senior Friendly Activities.

Go on a picnic – there’s no need to be elaborate, just pack a couple of sandwiches, some chips, water, or whatever you like to drink. Take a blanket, or chairs, and enjoy the warmth and sunshine. It will do wonders for your soul.

Go for a walk – if you are able to walk, do so!!

Staying active is so important for your health and walking is one of the best exercises you can do. Walking helps boost your energy and can help combat illnesses. A walk in a park is great, but if you can’t walk far, even walking to your mailbox and back can give you the healthy jolt you may need.

Gardening- Spring Activities for Seniors

Plant a garden – this is something I, myself, have done. It’s a great stress reducer, and the plants are the best listeners!

Gardening is also a great idea because you can grow your own food and you know what it’s sprayed with, NO chemicals, please!

Feed the birds – you can make or purchase a bird feeder and sit outside and watch the birds flock to it (pun intended)!

When I was young, I used to hold a piece of bread and the blue jays would land on my hand and eat it right from my hand.

It was fantastic, try it, it will definitely make you smile!

Go to the farmers market – if you don’t plant a garden, your next best thing is a local farmers market. You can find organic fruits and vegetables and also non-chemically sprayed fruits and vegetables from local growers in the area. So, not only are you eating healthier, but you are also supporting your small business owners and local growers.

Those are just some of the activities you can enjoy outside in the beautiful Spring weather Florida has to offer.

Now, let’s move on to the activities you can enjoy if you live in a community.

Community Activities

Have a tea social – utilize the patio area and set it up for a tea social. Have your dining staff prepare tea and tea sandwiches; of course, cookies are always expected.

Ask the ladies to wear hats if they have them and the gentlemen to wear ties. Take plenty of photos and post them throughout the community so residents can look back on them and have something to smile about.

Prepare a butterfly garden – plant flowers that attract butterflies or place butterfly houses around the patio area. Plan an afternoon social for the residents to admire the beautiful butterflies.

If possible, you can show them how to catch butterflies and place them in an indoor butterfly garden.

Take a trip – yes, that’s right.

Transform your activity room into another world, like Cancun, or the Bahamas then have some fun!

Serve tropical drinks with those tiny umbrellas in them and have some Salsa or steel drum music playing, and encourage dancing. Weather permitting, move the party outside and play a game of chair volleyball if residents aren’t able to stand long enough to play regular volleyball. Set up a pinata for residents to break also.

Have a Spring ball – host a ball and have the residents dress up for the occasion. Hire a DJ and have music and dancing. Perhaps schedule the ball right after a special dinner coordinated by the dining staff.

There are many silly, fun holidays coming up in the month of May. One is national two different colored shoes day, this is a fun and easy day to celebrate for the residents. It’s celebrated on Monday, May 3, of course, you can always make up your own days.

It’s Spring, time to be creative!!

If you need help or encouragement as a Caregiver give us a call at 386-847-2322 or check out our Caregiver Support Group. Our Senior Advisors are here to walk with you through this journey.