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Senior Home Safety Checklist

Senior Home Safety Checklist

How do I Know the Home is Safe?

Wonder if your loved one(s) home is safe?

Whether your loved one is still in their own home, an Assisted Living Facility, or a Home for Independent Living, you want to reduce their chances of falling by making sure the home is safe.

Below you’ll find a senior home safety checklist to spot some possible safety problems which may be present.

Check all cords

➤ Lamp cords, extension, and telephone cords that are within the flow of traffic. These are potential tripping hazards.
➤ Cords are beneath furniture and rugs or carpeting. These can create bulges in the rugs or carpeting, again a potential tripping hazard.
➤ Electrical cords are frayed or cracked. These need to be replaced immediately as they are a potential fire hazard.

Check all rugs and mats

➤ Small rugs and runners are not slip-resistant. There should be no rugs or runners that are not slip-resistant. Any that have the potential to move can cause your loved one to slide across the room.

Check smoke detectors

➤ Ensure smoke detectors are in proper working order and located in proper places.

Check bathtub and shower

➤ Bathtubs and showers are not equipped with non-skid mats, abrasive strips, or surfaces that are not slippery. Make sure the tubs have non-skid mats or strips on it to ensure they don’t slip in the shower.

➤ Bathtubs and showers do not have at least one (preferably two) grab bars. It is extremely important that showers and bathtubs have grab bars so they have something to grab a hold of to keep steady.

➤ An unstable elder does not have a walk-in tub or shower. Invest in a shower chair or remodel shower with a fitted seat.

Check electrical outlets and switches

➤ Outlets or switches are not cool to the touch. All outlets and switches do not have cover plates. Unplug all cords from outlets that are not being used. If cords or switches are warm or hot to the touch, have an electrician replace them immediately.

Check the Kitchen Area

➤ Kitchen ventilation systems or range exhausts are not functioning properly. Replace these systems if they are not working correctly.

➤ Appliance and power cords are not clear of sink and range areas. Ensure there are no power cords in or around the sink or range.

Check Passageways

➤ Hallways, passageways between rooms, and other heavy traffic areas are not clear and well lit. Install adequate lighting and make sure all traffic areas are clear.

Check areas around beds

➤ Lamps, light switches, and telephones are not within reach of the bed. Move lamps and telephones closer to the bed to enable easier reach.

Check outside areas

➤ The garage and outside areas are not well lit. Have an electrician install lighting at each entrance to a dark area to make it easier for them to see.

For this Safety Checklist and many other invaluable resources be sure to download our FREE Ebook for Seniors and Their Families. Or get a physical copy here.If you need help or encouragement as a Caregiver give us a call at 386-847-2322and one of our Senior Advisors will walk with you through this journey.