Happy Mother’s Day

Here are some suggestions to spend quality time with mom this Mother’s day.

If she likes to get out:
1. Share a relaxed meal at their favorite restaurant. 
2. Visit a nearby park to enjoy a picnic or a leisurely stroll.
3. Stroll through a shopping mall. It’s fun to window shop and people watch.
4. Visit a botanical garden to see some beautiful flowers. If the weather is nice, you could also bring a picnic lunch.
5. Art lovers may enjoy visiting a nearby museum. 
6. For someone who is really excited about a hobby, do the activity with them or join in a class they take.
7. Take a sports fan to watch a live game.

If she likes to stay in:
1. Cook their favorite meal or get takeout from their favorite restaurant. 
2. Throw a casual potluck party where everyone brings a dish and spends time relaxing, chatting, and eating together.
3. Bake cookies or cook a favorite dish together. 
4. Enjoy a sparkling non-alcoholic “cocktail” as a way to fancy-up afternoon snack time.
5. Play their favorite music and have a sing-a-long or just sit and enjoy the tunes together.
6. Read aloud from a book of their choice. Some may even enjoy taking a turn at reading!
7. Do a puzzle or play cards or a board game together.
8. Relax together while watching a favorite movie or TV show.

Enjoy your Mother’s Day!

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  1. Labor. Give mom a gift of time.. clean Out the garden
    Plants their flowers
    Clean your house
    Go through their clothes see what fits what doesn’t fit , needed or not
    TIME. That’s the best gift. It’s free !!!

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