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Gift Ideas for Breast Cancer Survivors


Someone you know had or has breast cancer and you’d like to support them by buying them a gift, but whatever in the world do you buy them?

We’ve put together a list of some practical, thoughtful, and humorous gifts below.

Mastectomy Post-Surgery Pillow

The pillow is designed to rest easily over your chest and it tucks under your arms so you can sleep better. After this surgery, you will have to sleep on your back and if you’re not used to sleeping on your back it can be very difficult.

Vans x Breast Cancer Awareness Collab Sneaker Collection

Not only are these shoes stylish and comfortable, they also help fund breast cancer awareness and early detection!

All Boobies Need Support Socks 

These socks come three to a pack and are embroidered with a heart; they have extra arch support and extra padding. These socks also support education for young people on breast cancer awareness and prevention.

InterestPrint Breast Cancer Ribbon Rose Gold-plated Watch

How fashionable is this watch? Makes a perfect gift for any age!

Nobody Fights Alone T-shirt

Many color and size options are available for this awesome t-shirt. The best part about purchasing this shirt is 100% of the proceeds go to breast cancer treatment. How fabulous is that?

Prefer a hoodie? Check out below!

Cancer Awareness Hoodie Winning the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Cozy fleece zip-up hoodie.

Breast Cancer Lokai Bracelet

This bracelet is made of pink silicone and is infused with water from Mt. Everest. It carries mud from the Dead Sea and stretches over the wrist to easily slip on and off. For every bracelet sold, $1.00 is donated to the breast cancer research foundation.

Blissy Dream Set in Pink

How about something so soft, snuggly and comfy? This dream set could be just what the survivor ordered!! This is the ULTIMATE beauty sleep set and includes a silk pillowcase, sleep mask and two scrunchies. They are handmade and crafted from 100% pure Mulberry silk!! So, so soft!!

“Cancer Just Messed With The Wrong Boobs” Card

This has to be MY favorite! After all, you survived breast cancer!! Why not laugh about it? You can personalize the inside and add some pink and purple confetti as a nice surprise when they open the card.

There are many, many gifts out there for breast cancer survivors and those who have breast cancer. Pink roses are great, some companies make special cookies for breast cancer awareness and don’t forget pink pajamas.

Whatever the person you know is into, you can find it out there somewhere! A small gesture can go a long way in showing how much you support the person dealing with breast cancer.

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