Fall Activities for Seniors

Fall is the perfect time of year for seniors to get active again; it’s not too hot and not too cold.

If you think that you can’t enjoy activities because you are going into assisted living or already live in one, think again!!

Our Palm Coast assisted living communities offer all kinds of activities to keep you engaged and fit.

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Whether you enjoy card games, crafts, puzzles, or going on outings, these communities have something for everyone. Some examples are provided below with how they can help:

    • Yoga and Tai Chi – helps improve balance, strength, range of motion and can reduce pain and your risk of falling
    • Walking clubs – can offer a sense of well-being and an increase in health through the social connections made
    • Name that tune – it’s always fun to guess the song and sing-along to the music, plus it’s a great game to keep the mind sharp
    • Table games – help improve memory and sharpen cognitive skills
    • Corn hole – this helps with mobility and leg and arm strength
    • Cooking workshops – these are a great way to improve memory function. Remembering recipes and ingredients helps to sharpen and stimulate the brain
    • Dance classes – dancing helps improve your cardio, balance and mood and it’s fun too!
    • Painting classes – painting improves cognitive function because you have to use both sides of your brain at the same time
    • Bingo – bingo takes concentration which can help your short term memory and it promotes socialization
    • Wine socials – wine socials have improved a person’s morale, zest for life and sleep
    • Bible study – bible study classes bring you closer to your Faith and can provide you with peace of mind you may need
    • Movie night – back to socialization again which is so important and improves focus and can further delay memory loss
    • Excursions to local attractions – engaging and uplifting – the fresh air and sunshine does wonders for your health and your attitude
    • Sunday brunch – once again socialization here also and most important FOOD!! Yummy
    • Happy hour gatherings – camaraderie and engaging conversations
    • And let’s not forget the amazing holiday parties!! – a time to dress up, if you have the attire. Meeting new people is always exciting as family members are usually invited to holiday parties

The physical activities they offer are designed to keep you healthy and strong, plus they help you burn off the calories from the Sunday brunches!!

The games and puzzles are designed to keep your brain healthy and strong so you can stay engaged with other residents during the wine socials and happy hours.

And who doesn’t love wine socials and happy hours? How about a movie night? The camaraderie alone is fantastic! If you live alone, how much fun is that? Do you have anyone to talk to? Anyone to enjoy a movie with? Is there someone to enjoy the great meal you just prepared with, how about preparing the meal with someone?

Assisted living communities are the places to remain engaged and with Fall here it’s the best time of the year to be active.

These communities have wonderful activity directors who work hard to keep you young and young at heart.

There is always something happening in Palm Coast so there is never a lack of something to do; whether you live on your own, with someone else, or in an assisted living community there are plenty of activities to keep you robust and thriving.

The above is one of the reasons we at Assisted Living Made Simple want to know your social needs, we do NOT want to place you somewhere that has no activities when you are a social butterfly.

We want to ensure you have others to engage with if that’s the type of person you are.

We take the time to get to know YOU so you only move once!!

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