Differences of Assisted Living Communities

Did you know that assisted living communities come in all shapes and sizes?

Some have six residents and some have six-hundred residents. How do you know which is the right one for you or your loved one?

It depends on the needs of the person; a lot of people look at the newness of the community, how big and beautiful it is. That’s not always the best way. You must look at the needs, will they need a place with memory care up the road? Will they need escorting to the dining room? Are they going to need more one-on-one care?

Check out this video of our very own Rose explaining the differences of Assisted Living Communities here in Florida. 

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Some of our favorite places are the smaller, six-bed assisted living facilities Florida. The reason being is because the care is more one-on-one. The ratio of staff to residents is two to six; two caregivers for six residents. That’s a pretty good ratio considering some of the larger places the ratio is twenty residents to two caregivers.

We at Assisted Living Made Simple worry about the ratio and the needs because if you or your loved one is in a wheelchair and needs escorting to the dining room, or assistance transferring from the chair to the table, these are easier done when there are enough staff to complete these tasks.

All assisted living communities are not the same, there are different licensures and they cannot all do the same thing. When we are looking for the right place for you or your loved one, we are looking at what the future needs are, how they are now and what they will need to live the best of their life.

We have run across a lot of people lately with Parkinson’s, we won’t place a person with Parkinson’s in a great big place because we know what their future looks like. We want them in a smaller community where they can get one-on-one care, where they can be part of a family, be part of a community, yet at the same time get the absolute best care they need.

So, if you want to ask some questions, if you’re not sure what’s right for you or your loved one, please give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and all of our services are always FREE.

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