10 Things You Realize as You Get Older

10 Things you realize as you get older

Every day we are working with seniors and their loved ones helping them find their forever homes.  We thought it would be fun to write an article about all the things we realize as we get older Hopefully, some of them will give you a chuckle.

10 Things you realize as you get older

  1. Adults have no clue about life either! As children, you could ask your parents questions and they would answer the question and you thought they were so smart. Well, guess what, they more than likely made it up because they had no clue either! Even as seniors we have no clue! So don’t ask us! HA!
  2. Always thank people! Being kind and respectful shows sincerity, people remember that and will look more favorably at you. It also shows you have manners and that goes a long way as well.
  3. Things always work out how they’re supposed to!! Try not to get upset if something didn’t work out as you expected, it worked out the way it is meant to be. There is a reason for everything and it will become apparent eventually.
  4. Always trust your gut instinct. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, don’t do it! Use your judgment, how many times have you gone against it and it bit you in the butt? I’ve done it too many times for me to count.
  5. You make your own happiness! No one or nothing can make you happy, sorry to say. You are in control of your own happiness; you choose to wake up with a smile or a frown. The day is yours to do with what you wish and you can make it a great day or a bad day depending on your outlook. Have a great outlook!!!
  6. Accept change and go with it! Things in life change, you cannot stop this – it is a fact of life. If you learn to go with the flow, I know it’s hard, things will be much easier to deal with. Just like dancing, don’t stop dancing because the song changed, keep dancing, just change your rhythm.
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. You may not get it, but how do you know if you don’t ask for it? I can relate this to golf, I may make a hole in one, but I won’t know if I don’t take the shot.
  8. Be different! Dress how you want, wear your hair how you want. Don’t conform to others ways to fit in, we’re too old for that! Uniqueness equals greatness! Be comfortable in your own skin, be who YOU are!
  9. Accept people for who they are and know you can’t change them. There’s nothing you can do to change people, no matter how hard you try. People have their beliefs, no matter how crazy you think they are, and that is their reality, so you can choose to keep them in your life and let it go, or don’t bother with them. Remember, you choose your own happiness.
  10. Finish that bucket list!! Do what you’ve always wanted to do, don’t wait. If you have the time and the means, do it! Tomorrow is never promised, take advantage of what you have today!!

Witty growing older quotes

The older I get, the more I realize perfection does not exist and most of the time “good enough” is good enough. – Candace Edwards

“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.” ― Gabriel García Márquez

“I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.” ― Albert Einstein

“I have left orders to be awakened at any time during a national emergency, even if I’m in a cabinet meeting.” ― Ronald Reagan

“Some guy said to me: Don’t you think you’re too old to sing rock n’ roll? I said: You’d better check with Mick Jagger.” ― Cher

“It does not take much to make us realize what fools we are, but the little it takes is long in coming.” ― Flannery O’Connor

“It’s strange, really, how time passes. You don’t even notice the world is changing until one day, you look around you and realize that everything around you is different.” ― Nenia Campbell

“A real grown-up doesn’t get old, but mature as time passes by.” ― Young H. D. Kim

“He no longer cared much what others thought of him. There were few benefits in growing older, and this was one.” ― Ian McEwan

See, we all have the same thoughts and ideas, you are NOT alone!!! You must be able to laugh at getting older, if not you will crumble up and wither away.

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5 Reasons for Seniors to Love Summer in Florida

Reasons to love summer as a senior in Florida

Summertime is the best time here in Florida 

Along with summer comes the heat, especially in Florida, so you may ask, Why should I love summer?

There are so many reasons to fall in love with the summer season here in Florida, let’s look at some of those.


Summer is the time for sunshine and showers. We have some horrific afternoon thunderstorms here, but the sunshine warms you to the bones and fills you with the much-needed Vitamin D your body craves.

Our exposure to light has such a huge effect on our bodies; it affects our mood and our sleep patterns.

Serotonin is released when you are exposed to sunlight, which is responsible for boosting your mood and helping you feel calm and focused.

Be sure to wear your sunscreen though, you don’t want to end up with skin cancer.


Everywhere you look in the summer there are beautiful wildflowers. Some of them may cause your allergies to act up, but they sure are pretty to look at and it’s sad they only seem to bloom once a year.

We must enjoy them in the summer because they will be gone before we know it.

Summertime Flowers in Florida

I love to sit outside in the early morning hours and just listen to all the birds singing. Yes, they were out chirping and singing in the springtime, but it sounds so much sweeter in the summertime. I was looking up at the sky one morning and saw the tiniest hummingbird in the top of a tree fluttering around the branches and it was so calming and soothing to watch. I love summertime.

Florida Beaches

The BEACH!!!! Yes, the beautiful beach and I know we live in Florida and can usually go to the beach year-round, but there’s something more special about going to the beach in the summer. Children playing and running around, so much more to watch and enjoy. The beach is exquisite and we are so fortunate to live in a coastal city, we should take full advantage of it and keep it clean.

Once again, wear your sunscreen!!


Some people don’t like summer because of all the insects and bugs, but what about the graceful butterflies that grow from the ugly worms that were here in the spring?


They sure are magnificent to look at and watch as they flutter around in the breeze.


In the summertime, you can enjoy a picnic in the park. Yes, there are many ants out there and they are always out in the local parks. Try to go somewhere you have a picnic table to deter the ants from crawling all over your food. Unless of course, you like to eat ants!! Perhaps you can dip them into your caramel apple dip, yummy!

You know you can wear all those cute outfits, if you don’t have cute outfits, or can’t wear them, then be happy you don’t have to wear so many clothes.

You can wear flip-flops instead of boots, shorts instead of long pants, no socks and break out the bathing suits!!!

There are so many activities for the summertime.

Check out our blog titled Spring Activities for Seniors, some of those activities spill over into summer, just make sure to stay hydrated.

Let’s recap why we love summer.

Sunshine, the natural mood enhancer!

We have bugs, birds, and butterflies, oh my!

Flowers, flowers and more bright, bold and glorious flowers, blossoming everywhere!

Picnics, parties and time with friends.

You don’t have to wear so many clothes and the BEST thing about the summer, the BEACH!!!!

The crashing of the waves, the sound of children laughing and playing, the feel of the warm sunshine stinging your skin, the feel of sand between your toes. What more could anyone want?

Get outside and enjoy the summertime, just remember to stay hydrated and use your sunscreen!!

And last, but not least, have FUN!!!

Summertime at the Beach

If you need help or encouragement as a Caregiver give us a call at 386-847-2322 or check out our Caregiver Support Group. Our Senior Advisors are here to walk with you through this journey.

Living Life in Your 90’s

Living Life in Your 90's

A gentleman stopped in our office to tell us a story about his 96-year-old mom. She lives in an assisted living community in another state and he thought she would be miserable. They are a very large, Italian family and she is used to cooking and being the “hub” for everyone.

As we all know, Italian mothers know how to cook and cook extremely well and cook a LOT for a lot of people. She offered to fix a pasta dish one day and the staff obliged. Needless to say, everyone loved it and raved about how delicious it was.

Living Life in Your 90's

Now, once a week she prepares dinner for the residents and staff, the residents come into the dining room a few at a time to enjoy her delicious dishes. Her son said she has never been so happy, and she’s 96 years old!

The community also made her grand marshal, so to speak, as she shows the “newbie’s” around the community.
Thinking they were doing the worst possible thing for their mother turned out to be the best! They can’t believe how much better she is doing. She is thriving and loving her life. These should be the BEST years of their lives and she is proof of how it should be.
Please don’t feel guilty about placing your loved one in an assisted living community, it could be the best decision ever made for both of you!

We at Assisted Living Made Simple work to ensure your loved one is placed in the perfect forever home where they will thrive just like this 96-year-old woman. We don’t want your loved one to ever move again and we want them to live the best years of their lives!

If you need help or encouragement as a Caregiver give us a call at 386-847-2322 or check out our Caregiver Support Group. Our Senior Advisors are here to walk with you through this journey.

The Importance of Humor for Personal Development

Importance of Humor for self development

The Importance of Humor for Personal Development

Mark Twain said that “Humor is the great thing, the saving thing after all. The minute it crops up, all our hardnesses yield, all our irritations, and resentments flit away, and a sunny spirit takes their place.”

What a great statement! Laughter is the best medicine after all!

Importance of Humor for self development

 Having a sense of humor is beneficial in so many ways. Did you know that a sense of humor can improve your overall health? Yes, that’s right! Not all humor is good, when you use humor to degrade others or yourself this can have a negative impact on you and your well-being.

Let’s face it, life is difficult and just plain unfair at times, but having a sense of humor about things life deals you can help ease the pain.

As Payne Stewart said, “If you can’t laugh at yourself, then how can you laugh at anybody else? I think people see the human side of you when you do that”.

Having a good sense of humor helps your emotional and physical well-being, laughter helps the body relax by releasing endorphins, which are your body’s natural pain relievers.

Laughter also increases your brain activity, boosts your immune system, and helps you fight illnesses.

A good sense of humor at work is important for your personal development as well. If you are able to laugh off the stress at work, you can approach co-workers and your boss easier, and hopefully your more relaxed attitude will rub off on them and they will feel more comfortable and relaxed as well.

So, how do you develop a sense of humor when everything seems so bleak?

Here are three things you must do to stop taking things so seriously and laugh more:

→ Stop taking yourself so seriously.
→ Have the frame of mind to see people, events, and actions as faulty and subject to being laughed at.
→ Have an appreciation for when the expected order of things is disrupted.

By starting with the above items, you will learn to accept the glitches in yourself and others in order to make them better.

Things in life go wrong, you make plans and they don’t go as planned. What do you do about it? Do you get upset? Cry? Get mad? Yell and scream? Why?

Did any of those things change the outcome?

No, they just made you feel worse.

Laughing about it and trying to make the best of it will not only make you feel better but will also perhaps make it a more enjoyable time than you would have had with the original plan. Who knows?

Here’s another reason to have a sense of humor.

A sense of humor is a sign of intelligence!!

Yes, it’s true!! People who are able to make jokes about things that happen in life and are able to laugh things off are shown to have a broader knowledge in more areas.

Now, let’s recap what a sense of humor can do for you and your personal development and health.

It helps your body relax by releasing pain-relieving endorphins, increases brain activity, boosts your immune system, and helps you fight colds, flu, and other illnesses.

A good sense of humor at work can relieve the work-day stress and help you get along better with coworkers and your boss. And a good sense of humor shows you are smart!

That, in itself, is the best reason to show off your sense of humor.

When you stop taking things so seriously, you have the key to personal development and growth and this is so important! A good sense of humor will help you stop taking things so seriously, develop or find yours today!!

If you need help or encouragement as a Caregiver give us a call at 386-847-2322 or check out our Caregiver Support Group. Our Senior Advisors are here to walk with you through this journey.

Inspirational Quotes for Caregivers

Inspirational Quotes for Caregivers

Top 20 Caregiver Quotes that are sure to Inspire You

As a caregiver, whether family or a paid professional, you are already an inspiration to so many around you.

While offering senior placement services, we have the pleasure of meeting so many caregivers that give their time, money, energy, and heart to ensure their loved ones are taken care of.

We understand caregiver burnout and wanted to share some of the most inspirational quotes with you that will encourage and inspire you to continue on.

    1. “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” Michael J. Fox, Actor
    2. “Caregiving often calls on us to lean into love we didn’t know possible.” Tia Walker, Author
    3. “Caring for our seniors is perhaps the greatest responsibility we have. Those who walked before us have given so much and made possible the life we all enjoy.” Senator John Hoeven
    4. “The closest thing to being cared for is to care for someone else.” Carson McCullers, author
    5. “Too often we underestimate the power of
      A touch,
      A smile,
      A kind word,
      A listening ear,
      An honest compliment,
      Or the smallest act of caring,
      All of which have the potential to turn a life around.” Leo Buscaglia, author
    6. “KINDNESS can transform someone’s dark moment with a blaze of light. You’ll never know how much your caring matters. MAKE A DIFFERENCE for another today.” Amy Leigh Mercree, author
    7. “To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.” Tia Walker, author
    8. “It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing.” Mother Teresa, missionary
    9. “And it is still true, no matter how old you are, when you go out into the world it is best to HOLD HANDS and STICK TOGETHER.” Robert Fulghum, author
    10. “A SMILE is the light in your window that tells others that there is a CARING, SHARING person inside.” Denis Waitley, author
    11. “No matter what you’ve done for yourself or for humanity, if you can’t look back on having given love and attention to your own family, what have you really accomplished?” Lee Iacocca, businessman
    12. “FAMILY is the most important thing in the world.” Princess Diana
    13. “Care is the state in which something does matter; it is the source of human tenderness.” Rollo May, psychologist
    14. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Laozi, philosopher
    15. “Love seeks one thing only: the good of the one loved. It leaves all the other secondary effects to take care of themselves. Love, therefore, is its own reward.” Thomas Merton, Trappist monk
    16. “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” Margaret Mead, anthropologist
    17. “Caregivers attract caregivers and live in a community of love. They are energized by their caring, fulfilled, and they love life.” Cary Zukav, author
    18. “Caring about others, running the risk of feeling, and leaving an impact on people, brings happiness.” Harold Kushner, Rabbi
    19. “The simple act of caring is HEROIC.” Edward Albert, actor
    20. “One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.” Jim Rohn, author

If you need help or encouragement as a Caregiver give us a call at 386-847-2322 or check out our Caregiver Support Group. Our Senior Advisors are here to walk with you through this journey.