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Seniors Scams you need to be aware of

Senior Scams –

15 Scams Targeting Seniors – #5 Makes Our Blood Boil Every day new senior scams come around, but there are still some of the old ones running around out there
How to Deal with a loved one with aggressive behavior

How to Deal with a Love One Displaying Aggressive Behavior

Does your loved one with Alzheimer’s display aggressive behavior? Are you finding yourself frustrated dealing with them? Did they used to be so nice and calm prior to their diagnosis?
The Challenges of Mirrors for Someone with Alzheimer’s

The Challenges of Mirrors for Someone with Alzheimer’s

Did you know that for someone with Alzheimer’s, seeing their reflection in a mirror can cause anxiety, anger, and sometimes even terror? If your loved one starts acting irrational, look
How to Approach Someone with Alzheimer's

How to Approach Someone With Alzheimer’s

We’ve all seen items like this in the news where a public servant comes upon an elderly person and doesn’t realize they have dementia or Alzheimer’s and startles the person.
Getting Help as a Caregiver

Getting Help As A Caregiver

Okay, so you’re a caregiver and feel guilty for wanting some time alone. There is no shame in getting help as a caregiver and saying I need a break! Why?
Dealing With Caregiver Guilt

Caregiver Guilt – 5 Effective Ways To Deal With It

What is Caregiver Guilt? Guilt is a feeling we get when we do something wrong or feel that we should have done something differently. When we are caring for someone,