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Benefits of Smaller Assisted Living Communities

Women standing in assisted living bedroom looking out over property

When looking for an assisted living community for yourself or a loved one, you may think of the bigger the better; not always the case!

Yes, the larger communities are beautiful, brighter, plenty of room to roam around, but do they have enough staff for the residents?

Are the meals home-cooked?

Are you able to all eat together like one big happy family?

Come along as we tour one of the Smaller Assisted Living Homes in Florida

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Why We Love the Smaller Communities

We love the smaller communities because the residents receive more one-on-one care; the staff ratio is usually one, maybe two staff members per resident (usually six residents).

In the larger communities, with such staff shortages, you’re lucky if the ratio is one staff member for each twenty-thirty residents.

Think about those numbers!

We’re not saying anything is wrong with the larger communities, it’s just the care you or your loved one receives in a smaller community can be so much more personal and more often.

There are home-cooked meals in a kitchen where you can sit at the dining room table and talk with the person preparing your dinner.

The smaller communities have a dining room table for six to eight, so it’s like having dinner with your family.

Everyone is together at one place; not all spread around in a great big dining hall.

You get to know each other (residents and staff) more personally and develop friendships and real relationships with these people.

The smaller communities can shop at local fresh markets as opposed to having a supplier have to deliver the fruits and vegetables and such.

This makes options tastier and healthier.

Generally, each large bedroom has a private bathroom; there are some smaller communities that have shared rooms with shared bathrooms.

This particular one in the video has a private bathroom in each bedroom and as you can see the bedrooms are large and you are able to fit quite a bit of furniture in them.

The fact that they do each person’s laundry individually is a fabulous touch.

Some of the larger communities have you write the residents name in the clothes and they wash them by floors or sections; some of these communities are huge and it would take a lot of time to wash each person’s clothes individually.

Most of the communities, large and small, allow you to bring your own furniture. However, the larger communities seem to have smaller rooms so you may not be able to bring all that you’d like.

The smaller communities are easier to accept all the furniture you want in your room. Having a patio is another great feature; not all offer patios, so if you find a community with a patio, grab it!

The living room area is very large and can accommodate many people. Most of them are equipped with lift chairs as well; if not lift chairs, they have extremely comfortable recliners.

This is especially great for game night which could be so entertaining. Look at all the room for Twister!!

These are just some of the reasons why we at Assisted Living Made Simple love our smaller communities and we think you will love them too! Call us today to schedule your FREE consultation.

How It Works

Learn Your Needs

Assisted living facilities are not one size fits all. We start by learning your unique needs and desires for your next home.

Be There Every Step

From touring facilities with you to helping you navigate the healthcare system, our team will be there will you every step of the way.

Love Your Next Stage

Moving into an assisted living facility is a big change, but with the right placement, you can love your next home.

Our service is complimentary. There is never any cost to the senior or their family


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