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Assisted Living Facilities in Florida

What is an Assisted Living Facility/Community?

Assisted Living is probably the most popular choice among seniors and their families. Assisted Living communities throughout Florida come in either apartment-style living or single-family residential homes. Don’t worry if this is all new to you, our senior placement services will help you find the perfect home.

Assisted Living means just what it says, assistance with daily living. These include bathing, dressing, medication supervision, incontinence care, transferring assistance, and more.

Single-family residential homes are private homes modified to meet state inspection requirements.

These smaller homes are particularly good for seniors who have special physical needs, (Macular degeneration, dementia, etc.).

Residents receive more one-on-one attention because they are typically limited to six seniors in the home. These single-family homes offer a family environment.

Our Top 5 Assisted Living Communities in Florida per City:

Palm Coast, Florida
Ormond Beach, Florida
Port Orange, Florida

Who qualifies for Assisted Living?

Anyone who can stand and pivot with assistance to transfer from a chair to bed, etc. Someone needing direction with medication, dressing, bathing, and meal preparation.

How much do Assisted Living facilities cost?

Each community is unique. The range begins at $3000.00, some are all inclusive, but others may charge by level of care needed.Assisted Living Facilities

Who pays for the Assisted Living Facility?

Medicare does NOT pay for assisted living. Assisted living communities are mostly private pay, WE help you look at the entire picture; what’s your social security, pension? Do you qualify for VA benefits? Do you have long term insurance? What are your future needs?

What levels of care does an Assisted Living Facility have?

There are 4 types of licenses for assisted living communities here in FL: standard, ECC, LNS, LMH. Different licensure means different requirements for staffing.

“Understanding the differences of the Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) is a very difficult process, especially if you are in a crisis mode and trying to make the best decision for a loved one. Researching takes time and a clear understanding of what the facility can and can not provide based on their license.

According to the Florida Department of Elder Affairs’ definition, Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) are residential care facilities that provide housing, meals, personal care and supportive services to older persons and disabled adults who are unable to live independently. Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) are intended to be a less costly alternative to more restrictive, institutional settings for individuals who do not require 24-hour nursing supervision. Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) are regulated in a manner so as to encourage dignity, individuality, and choice for residents, while providing reasonable assurance for their safety and welfare.

To reside in a standard Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) a person must meet the standard Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs)”residency criteria,” which is defined by Florida regulations and by facility policy. Generally speaking, Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) provide supervision, assistance with personal and supportive services, and assistance with or administration of medications to elders and disabled adults who require such services.” (http://seniorhousingsolutions.net/assisted-living-facilities/)

If your loved ones suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s then you might want to check into a memory care facility

Is Independent Living the same as Assisted Living?

No, assisted living means you require some services such as medication management, assistance with bathing, dressing. Independent Living means you can take care of all your activities of daily living.

Can couples stay together in an assisted living home?

Yes, there are many communities that have a second person fee to accommodate couples staying together. One may need more care than the other and that is acceptable.

Can we bring our pet?

Many communities will allow your four-legged family member to join you. You must be able to care for your pet, or you can make arrangements for someone to keep them.

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