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Are You Bored?

Friends and laughter are great ways to destress

One of the biggest complaints we hear from seniors is, I am bored. How to combat boredom as we grow older is a growing challenge. We can only watch so much television. The weather in Florida makes it possible to enjoy many more activities than our neighbors to the north.

Spring holidays bring fun, seniors and their loved ones should make it a point to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Easter and the first day of spring. Whether it’s making a special meal, dressing up or going to festivals or community events, spring offers lots of opportunities for connection and getting out of the house.

Many older adults find gardening or just taking a walk is a perfect spring activity for those that like to be outside. If you are physically able to volunteer with a local organization such as an animal shelter, soup kitchen or boys and girls club, that is a great option.

Taking in a movie, reading or picking up a crafty hobby is also fun and will pass the time. Yesterday we saw a group of ladies playing cards in a local restaurant after they had lunch. Card or game clubs are a great way to meet people and keep the brain sharp!

There are many options for seniors in their community to get involved, stay busy and interact with others! Give the professionals at Assisted Living Made Simple a call if you need some guidance on what is going on in your Florida community!