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Alzheimers and Coronavirus (COVID-19)



Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many people doing things to keep everyone safe. At Assisted Living Made Simple, we are taking every precaution necessary to protect those we come in contact with.

However, there’s a sector of our vulnerable population that is being forgotten, the Alzheimer’s/Dementia patient!

Every rule has an exception, but what happens to those who don’t/can’t understand/comprehend/remember anymore? Our health care system needs to adjust or modify this rule for those who can no longer think or speak for themselves.

I want to share an experience that happened to one of our clients and his wife who wish to remain anonymous.

As we all know, you cannot enter a doctor’s office, hospital room, or professional office with a loved one, well if that patient has Alzheimer’s it is imperative that someone is in the room with them.

This couple has been dealing with Alzheimer’s for quite a few years now, and the husband has always gone to his wife’s appointments. However, he has not been allowed admittance since the COVID outbreak, she went to the doctor due to problems swallowing and he thought it best to see a physician. He took his wife to her doctor’s visit and waited outside for her.

While in with her physician, he did a biopsy and gave her a prescription for antibiotics. When she left, she forgot all this, so her prescription never got filled. Her husband was never included in this so he had no knowledge of what was wrong with her.

This is an ongoing problem with the healthcare system and the policies and procedures put in place. Procedures need to be put in place to help those with special needs and allow their loved ones to be in on the doctor visits, telehealth visits, and ER visits by providing them with the proper PPE to keep everyone safe.

At Assisted Living Made Simple we specialize in senior placement services. We believe that you should not take this journey of caregiving alone so we are here to help you every step of the way.

Photo by Vladimir Soares