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5 Myths About Memory Care

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Let’s Debunk the Five Biggest Myths when it comes to Memory Care

There are so many myths out there about Memory Care Communities that are just not true. We will shed some light on the most common five (5) myths when it comes to memory care.

Debunking the 5 Myths about Memory Care

Myth #1 – The biggest myth is that your loved one will have no interaction.

This is simply not true! The memory care communities we recommend in Palm Coast have many engaging activities for all of the memory care residents to enjoy together.

Some of the activities include:

Just to name a few.

So, if you think your loved one will have nothing to do and be isolated, think again. They’ll probably want to come home to get some rest and relaxation!

Seniors can choose to opt-out of the activities if they prefer to be alone. The communities offer outside areas where they can sit or walk around; some even offer spa services.

Myth #2 – Another myth is that all memory care communities are the same.

Another big falsity.

All communities range in what is provided based on the needs of the client. The memory care communities are no different; they range from basic care services to more advanced services depending on the level of care needed for your loved one.

This is why we at Assisted Living Made Simple personally escort you to at least three (3) different communities so you have a chance to see the differences for yourself and are able to make the best decision for your loved one’s unique situation.

Myth #3 – My loved one will lose their independence.

No way!

They may gain more independence in a memory care community. They will be able to go outside (with supervision) and have much more freedom than if they were home with you or a caregiver. Memory care communities have specialized trained staff to care for residents and their job is to ensure their safety. The staff is not trying to prepare dinner, do the laundry, run errands and watch the resident; they’re only there to watch the resident. This will also help ease your mind knowing your loved one is being well taken care of.

Myth #4 – My loved one’s health will decline.

If anything, their health will improve due to the wellness approach and healthy meals our Palm Coast Memory Care communities offer. Every day they offer exercises, healthy snacks and nutritious meals. They have a smoothie bar where the resident can get a nice, refreshing, healthy smoothie as well.

Myth #5 – Memory care costs so much money.

Yes, memory care communities are not cheap, but how can you put a price on caring for your loved one? Remember, the community is taking care of everything for your loved one; ensuring they thrive during possibly the final days, months, years of their life.

If you’re worried that you can’t afford a memory care community for your loved one, give us a call and let us see if we can help you find any extra cash, or the perfect community for your situation.

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