Respite Care For The Elderly

Respite Care for the Elderly so you can just breathe

You may have heard the words ‘respite care’ before, but have no idea what that means. I had no idea what it was when I first heard those words so I asked.

Maybe you are afraid to inquire as to what it means because you think people will assume you should know that.

But how would you know if you’ve never come across it before?

I will try to clear up some of your questions below.

Respite Care for the Elderly so you can just breathe

What is respite care?

Respite care is designed to provide relief to the caregiver and it can be arranged for as short as an afternoon (adult day care) or as long as a couple of months. Respite care can also be arranged for in-home, at an assisted living community, or at an adult daycare center.

How to get respite care for the senior in your life?

You can receive respite care for your senior by calling us at Assisted Living Made Simple! We can recommend the best places for respite care based on your loved ones’ unique situation.

If you are looking for in-home assistance or an assisted living community, we are here to help.

Call us today, we are FREE!

Who pays for respite care? Does Medicare pay or help pay for it?

Respite care, just like assisted living, is private pay. Medicare or Medicaid only picks up the tab if you are in respite care in the hospital or a skilled nursing facility for up to five (5) days in a row.

What are the benefits of respite care?

The number one benefit of respite care is to give the caregiver a break.

Caregiving is a full-time job and it is a tough job. It is very taxing on a person, physically, financially, mentally, and emotionally.

If the caregiver doesn’t take care of themself, they can’t care for their loved one.

Another benefit of respite care is, say you are thinking about placing your loved one in an assisted living community, but you’re not sure if they or you will like it.

Did you know that you can have your loved one do a respite stay (we recommend 30 days) at an assisted living community to see if they and you like it?

Generally, when this is done, the senior doesn’t want to leave.

They have made new friends and have so much to do all day and are thriving.

This shouldn’t make you, as the caregiver, upset. It should make you extremely happy; you can become a family member again and enjoy the company of your loved one without having to worry as much.

Finding Respite Care in Port Orange, FL

Which places offer respite care in Port Orange? It just so happens that our top five places assisted living communities also offer respite care.

Heritage Waterside

What our loved ones are saying about Heritage Waterside: “Since my mother doesn’t require assistance with her daily living, I hoped for her to live with us after my father passed. I quickly realized that I could not provide what she really needed, which was the socialization and activities she had with all of her friends at Heritage. She has been back now for a couple of weeks and is surrounded by the love of the staff and residents. She’s right where she needs to be and I can feel comfortable knowing she is loved and cared for. After over 3 years of experience with Heritage, I would still give them more than 5 stars, if I could.”

Brookdale Port Orange

What our loved ones are saying about Brookdale Port Orange: “My journey with Brookdale started 4 years ago when I needed a place for my mother, while I was away. I chose Brookdale because it was set up like a home, not an institution. Mom loved it there. I decided this was the right place for her. She had a lovely room, and the staff was beyond wonderful. Not to mention a chef on staff making wonderful meals. Brookdale became my extended family. I could call and ask questions, if needed and always received answers.

I would recommend anyone who needs care for their loved one will get it at Brookdale.”

Sunscape Daytona Beach

What is Sunscape about –  Sunscape™ believes in and is dedicated to whole-person wellness, empowering you to live your best life and have every side of you shine. Here, you’ll flourish in a supportive environment that is focused on your physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual well-being.

The Gallery at Port Orange

What is The Gallery about – The Gallery at Port Orange celebrates stories, memories, and milestones while exceeding daily care expectations for health and wellness needs through our My Activities program. It is a stimulating, engaging, and entertaining program, and one that is vital to the overall health and wellness of every one of our beloved residents.

Benton House

What our loved ones are saying about Benton House: “For the most part the senior living facilities in the area are satisfactory but it is the extra details and the added effort from the Benton Team that make my Aunt’s stay a very pleasant experience and a higher level of peace of mind for us.”

Finding Respite Care in Palm Coast, FL

Brookdale Palm Coast

What our loved ones are saying about Brookdale Palm Coast: I have had the opportunity to tour Brookdale Palm Coast and meet several staff. Great place and wonderful staff. Very informative and attentive to my needs.

Sabal Palms

What our loved ones are saying about Sabal Palms: “Staff truly cares about their residents. And will go the extra yard for their quality of life.”

Tuscan Gardens

What our loved ones are saying about Tuscan Gardens: “I am SO glad my parents are safe and sound at Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast!!! The Management Team and Support Staff are A++ – starting at the Front Desk and all the way through the Campus!!! When my sister and I visit (mostly at separate times to ensure someone is visiting every few months – we both do not live in the area) we are made to feel like Family, just like the way they treat my Parents!!! Oh, and the entertainment, activities, and food is very good too!!! I cannot say enough about TGPC – Top Notch!!!”

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Finding Respite Care in Ormond Beach, FL

Brookdale Ormond Beach West

What our loved ones are saying about Brookdale Ormond Beach West: “Your loved one will be safe and respected and paid attention to. The staff is really caring. The managers set the tone. They have been caring through covid and hurricanes and the challenges of dementia.”

Ormond in the Pines

What our loved ones are saying about Ormond in the Pines: Wow! The renovations are beautiful, especially the dining room. Most of the staff have been there for many years and is a true testament to their dedication to making the lives of their residents so special

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Assisted Living Licenses

The 4 Different Types of Assisted Living Licenses

Assisted living communities in Florida are regulated by AHCA (Agency for Health Care Administration) and they all need a minimum of a standard license to operate.

Assisted living communities are designed to provide personal care services in the least restrictive and most home-like environment.

They vary in sizes from one resident to several hundred. They can also provide a variety of services depending on their license.

Yes, there is more than one type of license for an assisted living community and we at Assisted Living Made Simple know which community holds what type of license.

The 4 Different Types of Assisted Living Licenses

So, what are the different licenses for assisted living?

There are four types of licensure for assisted living communities. I’ll try to explain them to you below.

1. Standard license

A standard license is the license every assisted living community must have. It allows the community basic assistance with dressing, transfers, feeding, grooming, bathing, toileting, medication management and administration.

Home health care can offer physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, but it MUST be ordered through your doctor.

2. LNS license

LNS license is a limited nursing services license. It allows residents to receive licensed nursing assistance.

These services include conducting range of motion exercises, applying ice caps and heating pads, performing eye and ear irrigations, performing or replacing catheters, applying or changing dressings that do not require packing or irrigation and caring for Stage II pressure sores. Also included is everything in the standard license.

3. ECC license

ECC is an extended congregate care license and it means a community can provide everything under a standard and an LNS license and also nursing services provided within the scope of their license.

Residents requiring an ECC license may have higher impairment levels than those living in a standard ALF. A community with this type of license allows for the resident to age in place in a residential environment despite mental or physical declination. This creates a higher care level in assisted living.

4. LMH license

LMH license is a licensed mental health license. This license is issued to communities with three or more residents who have mental health issues. The administrator and staff have specialized training in order to be in direct contact with mental health patients.

As you can see, communities can vary in licensure types and how do you know which one is right for you?

Well, that’s why you need an expert. Please don’t go down this road alone; that’s what we are here for and we do it all for FREE!!